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The benefits of magnesium chloride in the production of magnesium cement

  The benefits of magnesium chloride in the production of magnesium cement

  Magnesium chloride is used as raw material for producing magnesium cement in the construction industry. It is obtained by using calcined magnesite ore or calcined dolomite as main raw material, and its main component is MgO as binder, magnesium chloride hexahydrate (MgCL2 • 6H2O) And other water-soluble magnesium salt as a reconcile agent, then add water, the formation of light burned magnesium powder and magnesium chloride hexahydrate as the main raw material, therefore, under normal circumstances, magnesium cement refers to magnesium oxychloride cement.

  Magnesium chloride added to the cement can play a role:

  So that magnesium cement hardened body produces high strength, hardened body water resistance decreased, with excellent low temperature resistance, fire performance.

    The role of magnesium chloride in magnesium cement

      Two parts of magnesium cement: one is magnesia, the other is magnesium chloride. To some extent, magnesium oxide plus magnesium chloride solution is magnesium cement.

      Magnesium chloride is the basis of magnesium hardened cement body material. It is combined with magnesia and water to form a crystalline phase of the hydration product that gives the magnesite product the strength and various excellent properties.

      In magnesium cement, the role of magnesium chloride can be summarized in the following three aspects:

     (1) It can promote the progress of hydration of magnesium oxide: As magnesium chloride is hydrolyzed and neutralized with hydration products, magnesium oxide is caused to dissolve and hydrate, finally forming crystal with magnesium oxide hydrate Mg (OH) 2.

     (2) improve the content of the dispersoid in the Mg (OH) 2 colloidal solution: the magnesium chloride acts as a solvent here, which accelerates the coagulation and hardening of the system

     (3) Adsorption of water between Mg (OH) 2 particles to improve the strength of the product

Magnesium chloride on the performance of magnesium cement

     (1) The magnesium cement hardened body produces high strength: it is because of its crystalline phase network formed together with MgO and water. The structure has a very strong tower hinge system, can withstand great pressure.

     (2) to make magnesium cement hardened water resistance decreased: Because of its crystal phase with magnesium oxide crystal contact formation can easily be dissolved by water, causing the crystal body no longer exists. Thus resulting in a decrease in the water resistance of the product. This one of his easily soluble in water from the phase out of the characteristics of the magnesium cement has brought a great negative impact.

     (3) to make magnesium cement easily anti-halogen: magnesium chloride hexahydrate into phase there will be a large number of free state of magnesium chloride. This will inevitably lead to the occurrence of anti-halogen magnesium chloride province. Therefore, with anhydrous magnesium chloride to reduce the occurrence of anti-halogen situation prevalence, but also reduce the cost of raw materials. Magnesite products to strengthen the strength.

     (4) to make magnesium cement has excellent low temperature resistance: magnesium chloride itself is antifreeze

     (5) Magnesia cement has excellent fire resistance: the melting point of magnesium oxide 2270 ℃, chlorine gas released at 118 ℃ when the rapid fire extinguishing

     (6) Deformation of magnesite products are induced: due to a large number of magnesium chloride water absorption, resulting in different parts of the water content, which makes the product easily due to evaporation of water and produce water loss stress worse, aggravate the deformation. In six water magnesium chloride, the basic content of magnesium chloride can only reach 44% of the effective content, which is some of the impurities and metal content (potassium chloride and sodium chloride). When these metal content is higher than 2% will absorb a lot of water molecules in the air, and then a chemical reaction, so there may be anti-halogen situation occurs. Magnesite products also caused by the formation of uneven distribution of water lead to deformation. Magnesium chloride hexahydrate content of more than 5%, it is not suitable for the manufacture of magnesite products such as building materials, and Weifang sea source of chemical production of anhydrous magnesium chloride is higher than 99.96% effective, so other impurities and metal content is not higher than 0.1%, effective control of the metal content, to avoid the anti-halogen, deformation, strength is not enough, that crisp and brittle Magnesite products such as the general adverse phenomena.

     (7) make the product pan cream: Pan cream is caused by the moisture absorption characteristics of magnesium chloride. The main component of frost is Mg (OH) 2, and the migration of Mg (OH) 2 to the surface of the product depends on the medium of water. Without the action of water, it is impossible for the frost to occur and to complete the whole process. The magnesium chloride is characterized by moisture absorption (magnesium chloride hexahydrate in the metal content is too high) along the pores along the product to the surface or outer layer. In a dry environment products difficult to pan cream. Therefore, pan-frost moisture absorption rate decreased. However, magnesium chloride is definitely not the only factor in the product's cream, but it is the most important factor.

     (8) affect the toughness of the product: the toughness of magnesium cement in addition to its use of the amount of reinforcing fibers, but also with the magnesium chloride. When the content of magnesium chloride in the product is insufficient, due to the reduction of the crystalline phase, the product will appear crisp crisp crisp hair. When the amount of magnesium chloride increases the brittleness of the product will be significantly improved.


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