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• industry background analysis

Enterprises in the chemical industry mainly process raw materials by mixing, separating, pulverizing, heating and other physical or chemical methods, so as to increase raw material value. At present, the chemical industry as one of the basic industries of national economy in China, after more than 50 years of development, has covered the organic chemical raw materials, inorganic chemical raw materials, oil and oil products, resin, chemical fiber, additives, chemicals, reagents, dyes, pigments, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, plastic products, rubber, ink and products, glass products, cement and alcohol, etc., are closely related to the human production and living resources.

• Industry characteristics

As the first industry in China, the chemical industry has unique industries: large energy consumption, waste, rapid technological innovation and great potential for development. On the one hand, the chemical industry production capacity and production base, the production cost is relatively low, the market has great potential, the market localization advantage; on the other hand, the chemical industry production technology is relatively backward, the production scale is small and scattered, lack of financial strength, scientific research innovation ability is weak, the marketing network has not been completely established.


• scientific and professional management occupies the high-end chemical market in China

   ――Process routing and recipe management

The process route consists of process management, and recipe management can not only represent the component ratio of the product, but also represent the production cost of the unit product.

   ――Flexible production plan

At the end of the month, quarterly production plan, ensure planned maintenance flexibility, can according to the maintenance can be maintained according to the market and inventory.

   ――Concise workshop management

Workshop equipment and personnel, equipped with reasonable, mainly according to the plan, the material feeding and control the production process to ensure efficient output of the product.

   ――Production adopts batch control management

Batch control and management of all kinds of products, by-products, waste products and backflow products produced in the process of production. That is to say, different batches of raw materials will produce different batches, different quality products and products. According to the inspection standards of different products, each batch is managed separately according to its own batch number.

   ――Equipment Management

The equipment management of the chemical industry to ensure production, improve productivity and product quality is very important, through the effective management of the equipment, ensure the reasonable storage of spare parts and prolong the service life of the equipment and improve the utilization rate of equipment.

   ――Packaging management

In accordance with the different shapes of raw materials and products, such as gas, liquid, powder, etc., and the poisonous and odorous characteristics, the packages used for them are strictly managed. It can be managed separately according to the use of the package, or it can be managed according to its material form.

• let consumers love the brand value of Shanghai's source

No soul can not have a successful life, but also, a brand does not have clear core value, it can not grow into a strong big brand. Brand management center is clearly planning outline of the core value of the brand, and in the next ten years, twenty years, even hundreds of years of brand construction process, should unswervingly adhere to the core value. In order to create a strong big brand.

Weifang haizhiyuan always adhere to the "not easy for a customer to lose a customer is simple" doctrine, should be strict with every business, with enterprise reputation and high quality products in the real value of its own brand, increase the user experience. We have been looking for customers with our brand concept, positioning, love, establish the same relationship as marriage, and ultimately achieve win-win goal.


• Quality view

Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth". Haizhiyuan people strict quality, adhere to the "quality first, service first" concept. Because today's quality determines tomorrow's market. To enable customers to recognize our brand for a long time, the quality of the product must be excellent. Quality is the foundation of the enterprise, the development of the base, the guarantee of success. Enterprises rely on quality, excellent quality to win customers and win the market.

• Win win view

That is to help customers help themselves, seek win-win is our only goal, haizhiyuan people always adhere to stick together with our partners, mindful of the "customer first" values, deepening market oriented consciousness.

• Team view

"There is no perfect individual, but the perfect team". Team first, individual second. The best talent, from the team, just a lone hero. Our great dreams must be achieved by a strong team. We believe that everyone can become a talent, and willing to provide you with a platform for growth, including learning opportunities in the error.

• Moral view

Lao Tzu cloud "as good as water", "natural avenue". Chinese entrepreneurs and managers should have the courage and ability to define "wealth" again. Wealth is the unity of "words and deeds", "goods and cards", "righteousness and profit" and "Dao and de". Haizhiyuan advocate: first person, after work.

• Integrity view

Trust comes from honesty, honesty creates the future. People can not stand without faith, without good faith in the industry, the country no good faith is not strong. For the business operators under the market economy, in any transaction, under any circumstances, should adhere to honesty, credit is the inevitable, the only choice. Business to win the trust of the consumer law rights, social harmony, haizhiyuan is willing to work with you to create a better life.

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